Melia Morgan


Melia is taking the world by storm and putting her musical and acting talents to good use.  She is a working actress, singer, vocal coach and theatre coach. Melia’s extensive experience began at Melia is taking the world by storm and putting her musical at the young age of 5 as Melia was belting out Michael Jackson tunes and making up her own opera melodies as she played with her dolls. Recognizing her talent, Melia’s mother decided to enroll her in formal vocal training. There, Melia was able to gain serious stage experience while performing throughout Canada. She gained recognition in 2005 as the #1 downloaded female pop artist on for 40 weeks in a row.

Melia has performed throughout Canada with many theatre productions like the original piece, “How to deal with a Telemarketer” where she played a saucy janitor whose intent was to take over the world.  She also penned her own original musical at 17 years old entitled “This Girl’s Life” and was able to take a hand in producing and starring in it a few months later. 

Melia has also just completed production in which she produced and directed her own second music video, “How Do You (Get Over)”.  Melia is currently in post-production on the SAG web series “One Moment”. This is Melia’s most personal project yet. She wrote the script, directed, produced and starred in the series along with a cast of over 30 South Florida actors. She even acted as Casting Director for the series and she casted and booked the many actors needed. Melia, most recently appeared as a guest star on the TV show “Top Gear USA”. She also just wrapped on a number of independent films including “The Tourist Trap”. In that film, Melia plays the role of a French woman who is lost in Miami without the ability to speak English. You may also recognize Melia from appearing in multiple commercials for companies such as Walmart, CAC Centers, Disney’s Photopass and Fast Pass. Melia is a true believer of reaching for the stars and doing what makes you truly happy. “Every day I wake up with a smile on my face knowing that I get to do what I truly love. There is no better feeling in the whole world.”