Melia Morgan


Stats: 5'6
Willing to travel


Abandoned in Dark                   Laura                                        Cover3 Productions

Bracha                                         Laura                                        All er Nothing

Spyderwoman                            Erica Byrd                                TA Terga Productions

Run Stinky Run                          Housewife                                Stinky Films
The Tourist Trap                        Juliette (Lead)                          Rob D Films
Cyclical                                        Reporter                                   Bad Lad Productions
Homecoming                             Ashley (Lead)                           Borike Films
Parker                                         JLO stand in and Photo DBL  Taylor Hackford
The Day After Christmas         Sara (Lead)                                James St Surin
Stuart’s House                          Maria (lead)                               A2 Productions  
In the Bag                                  Police Woman(lead)                Richard Condo Film
The Aviator                                20’s Dancer (Featured)           Martin Scorsese Film​


Life Intertwined                      John Doe’s Daughter-In-Law    Cineworks
Swamp Wars                          Wife                                               A&E TV
Golddiggers                            Roxie                                             Gold Diggers Production
The Glades                             Dead Connie Simpson                TVM Productions
Real Vice Miami                     Teller #1 (Lead)                            Discovery Channel
T’s Cotton Club Pilot             Cathy Mae (lead)                          TD Entertainment
Inside the DEA                       Monzer’s Maid(lead)                    National Geographic Explorer
See Jane Date                         Bridesmaid #1(Supporting)       ABC Family
Rudy Giuliani Story                Police Woman (Featured)          Robert Dornhelm Film






3 Ways Handle a Telemarketer    Kate (Lead)                           Fringe Festival
A Star is Born                                  Melissa (Lead)                      Barbizon International
This Girl’s Life                                  Mara (Lead)                          Ecole des Hautes Etudes Musical
Museum                                           Spoiled Rich Girl (Supp)     Lindsay Place Production



Infiniti Dealers  


Indian River College

CAC Medical

El Dorado    

Gulfstream Park   

Disney FastPass    

Disney Photopass   

Comcast Fl Panthers   
Seminole Casino    
Social Club Hub   

1800 Need Help 

Tussein Cough Medicine

Baptist Medical Plaza

Bryant Air Conditioning 

Tussein Cough Medicine  

Training & Workshops                              

​Actor’s New Directions                    Frank Eberling                    Burt Reynold’s Institute 
Ongoing Core and Action                Jane Kelly                            Actors Workshop of South Florida
Introduction to Core and Action    Jane Kelly                            Actors Workshop of South Florida
Auditioning for Film / TV                 Lori Wyman                        Lori Wyman Casting
Advice from the Experts                 Ellen Jacoby                         Boca Talent Seminar
Behavioral Acting                             Eric                                       Actor’s Studio of Mtl
On Camera Scenes                          Gilles Plouffe                      L’Atelier John Strasberg
Scene Study Improv/Script Skills   Dale Hayes                         MTL School of Performing Arts
Introduction to Acting                     Bobo Vian                           New Actor’s Workshop
Audition Workshop                         Claire Sinnett                      IMTA Workshop
On Camera Skill                               Joel Silverstone                   Ice Talent Workshop
Script Interpretation                       Sandie Berenger                 Actor’s Talent Resources
Make up Application                       Mr. Pitt                                 Barbizon
Dance Workshop                             Martine                                Formation de Musique et Dance
Singing Techniques 2                      Laurent Berniard               Ecole Aris
Singing Techniques 1                      Eve Montpetit                     Ecole des Hautes Etudes Musicale



Sports: Swimming, baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, aerobics, archery, yoga, field hockey
Special Skills: Teleprompter, Ear Prompter, Tae Kwando, Sing (pop/jazz/R&B), Dance (jazz/hip hop / belly/ club), Stunts, songwriting
Accents/ Dialects:  French (Canadian, France), American (neutral), Italian (Italy / New York), US-Bronx, US-Jewish, Persian, British, Southern US, Latin American